Lyman // Economist. Number-cruncher. Sasquatch.

An economist by training, Lyman has been writing about migration for the past year on his blog on His work in economics has been cited by such outlets as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, among others. Migration Nation is Lyman's brainchild. His work has all had a very contemporary focus, and so he wants to take a step back, tracing the story of American mobility throughout our history. Lyman is married to Ruth, and they are not only citizens of Migration Nation, but also Bachelor Nation. #TeamBecca

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A teacher with a background in history, Brian has always appreciated good storytelling. Teaching U.S. History invariably involves, and often hinges on, stories of people on the move. When Lyman pitched the idea for Migration Nation, Brian asked to be brought on board. In addition to his arcane historian magicks, Brian is also pretty good with technology and has experience with audio and video editing in local short film competitions. In his free time, Brian is usually listening to podcasts, dragging friends to pub trivia, or fiddling with the guitar he has learned to play very poorly over the years.